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Anne Bronte Nightwalker is here!

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What happens when you work Fire/EMS and read way too much gothic English Literature? Anne Bronte Nightwalker!   My debut novel, out with Firefox Press, is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.   Who are the Brontes?   The Bronte sisters grew up isolated in the remote English moors to become three of […]

No Excuses

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The women of Miami Dade Fire Rescue are on a roll. This October Flight Medic Susana Oatmeyer performed an open water hoist in Florida Bay to retrieve a victim from a capsized boat; Rescue Diver Brandy Paternoster and Sal Hernandez rescued a truck driver trapped in a canal; and TRT Firefighter Maggie Castro placed 1st […]

A Firefighter’s Parade

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I am not a parade kind of person.  I find peace and solitude far more appealing, (which does not explain my choice of careers, I know!) yet I wanted to find a place where Triple F’s Fabulous Female Firefighters could come together from across the country and have a chance to meet in person.  Somewhere […]