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Trigger Warning

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“There are things that upset us. That’s not quite what we’re talking about here, though. I’m thinking rather about those images or words or ideas that drop like trapdoors beneath us, throwing us out of our safe, sane world into a place much more dark and less welcoming. Our hearts skip a ratatat drumbeat in […]

A Manifesto of Fire

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Triple F—A Manifesto   Manifest discipline—emotionally, professionally, morally and intellectually. Let your discipline be revealed in the way you dress, speak, walk, work, and comport yourself with co-workers and the public. Develop attention to detail. Start small and work up.  Take pride in the little things.  Kick ass on the big things.   Embrace compassion […]

Teenage Girls & Inspiration

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Lately, I have been immersing myself in the life of the Brontes because I am in love with their books (Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall) and also because Charlotte, Emily, and Anne amaze and inspire me.  These young women lived through incredible loss and hardship, (that’s a whole other blog), and still […]


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    Every hero doesn’t go do this great big hero thing.  They do the simple thing over and over and over.  And they have the persistence and they stick to it.   * No matter how much technology has evolved, it comes back to human will, human chutzpah, human resilience.         […]


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Freedom and security do not coexist.  One must choose between a life of freedom or a life of safety.  Often we feel the threat to freedom is Out There, external–the Taliban, ISIS, Communism, etc.  But the true threat lies within–our own government, society’s expectations, and the limitations we place on our imagination about what is […]

If You Want to Change the World

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I’m a sucker for commencement speeches.  I love them.  And this one by Admiral William McRaven at University of Texas, Austin, is one of my favorites.  There is so much deep wisdom here.   As Navy Times puts it, “Adm. Bill McRaven is a badass — and fount of good advice.”  He’s been a Navy Seal […]

Old School Survival

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I’m reading Dirty Work by one of my favorite writers, Larry Brown, a Captain from Oxford FD.  In this excerpt, a boy has been beat up by a bully.  When the boy returns home and his mother sees what’s happened she shows him no pity and instead gives him a piece of her mind.  This […]

Winter’s Bone

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Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell is the reason I read—to be utterly transported to another place and dropped deep into a culture I didn’t know existed and would never otherwise experience.  It is to be placed into another person’s mind and upon leaving, feel as if your consciousness has been slightly altered forever.   Ree […]

The Power of Story

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For millennia, humans have sat before fires, huddled together on cold, dark nights and told each other stories.  Mothers and fathers have sent their children off to sleep adrift on fairy tales for ten thousand years.  And before our species even knew language, we drew symbols of magic and hunting and death on caves to […]


The messages we receive have a great impact on our lives and performance.   They influence us on the conscious level of our mind and the subconscious level as well.  As women firefighters, it pays to ask, “What messages are we receiving—overtly or subliminally?”   Men grow up receiving certain messages from the time they […]