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Firestorms, Hurricanes, and Massacres; The Light Behind the Darkness

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We are experiencing a time of great turmoil right now; destruction, chaos and pain. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. But it is also an opportunity. Because the possibility exists for the inconsequential, the small and mundane desires that no longer serve us, to be swept aside as deep, consequential energies rise to the surface.   Questions […]

Spartan, Sloucher or The Middle Way

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Lately, the fire service seems to contain two extremes of fitness:  exceptional or non-existent.  On one hand, it is full of incredibly fit people whose workouts resemble a Spartan special forces team and whose bodies look like someone out of Muscle and Fitness magazine.  On the other hand, we have our out of shape, overweight […]

A Motto of Defiance

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Live with courage. Be loyal and kind. Love fiercely. Whatever comes, take the hit and refuse to ever fucking surrender.

Threshold Guardians

“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.”                                                      –Charles Dickens, […]


Men are built for power and women are built for endurance. Women’s bodies have evolved over a hundred thousand years to build and sustain life. For millenia, women have been building babies in their wombs and nursing them in their arms through hostile conditions, without medication, health care, half the food we have now, or […]