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Firestorms, Hurricanes, and Massacres; The Light Behind the Darkness

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We are experiencing a time of great turmoil right now; destruction, chaos and pain. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. But it is also an opportunity. Because the possibility exists for the inconsequential, the small and mundane desires that no longer serve us, to be swept aside as deep, consequential energies rise to the surface.   Questions […]

The Future of Triple F–Fabulous Female First Responders!

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The Ever Evolving Journey of Triple F in Mind, Body, and Spirit   When I, Gea Haff, began Triple F–Fabulous Female Firefighters! in 2013, three months after my mother died, I never imagined in my wildest dreams how far and fast this group would grow. I’m naturally private and shy, but my mother’s passing injected […]

What The Walking Dead & The Fire Service Have in Common

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      1.Get strong or die. There is no room for the weak. The weak endanger the strong.  The weak put everyone at risk.  Get strong and stay that way. Your strength may look different than the guy in the seat next to you, but everyone must bring their own strength: man, woman, child, or […]