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From Fire Boat to Air Rescue–Super Smooth Hoist

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The Ever Evolving Fire Service   March 28, 2016   MDFR Air Rescue North and Fire Boat North responded to a sailboat approximately 8 miles off Miami to treat and transport a diver with signs and symptoms of severe decompression sickness. Upon arrival, Fire Boat crew boarded vessel, packaged patient, and transferred patient to Fire […]

House Fire, a short story

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. . House Fire is a chapter from my novel Thread of Steel, a work in progress.    You can read Tunnel Vision about Tara’s first hoist here . > > >     House Fire, a short story   Firefighter Scott hesitated. She knelt with a charged hose line in her hands watching heavy black smoke […]

Tunnel Vision

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    This is an excerpt from Thread of Steel, a novel I’ve been working on about a firefighter struggling to become a special ops flight medic.  Here, Tara Scott is performing her first hoist during flight medic training with Air Rescue while her instructor, Captain Rick Spencer watches closely.   This is fiction, which […]