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Jedi Mind Training

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Jedi Mind Training.  That’s what I keep telling my crew we’re doing.  Who doesn’t want to be a Jedi Knight?  But to be one takes focus.  Concentration.  Attention honed to a blade-like sharpness.  And frankly these skills in the fire service have been sliding away the last six or so years like blood down a […]

Moral Courage

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  The fire service abounds in physical courage. Firefighters will walk into burning buildings, dive into frigid waters, and enter crack houses in the dead of night. Courage is a given. The physical kind, that is. We don’t even think about it much; it’s such a day to day part of our job. Toxic spills? […]

Reflections by Jennifer DeShon

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  It’s dark, hot, and the desert air feels unbelievably dry. Three A.M. in late September, and the temperature is still about 90 degrees. I’m already starting to breathe a little harder as I hop down off the second parapet wall on the roof of an old nightclub. I’m wearing and carrying 70 pounds of firefighting […]