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Provinces of Night

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William Gay was the son of a sharecropper from Tennessee with an ear for language and love of literature. A blue-collar worker with the soul of a poet, Gay read Thomas Wolfe, Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O’Connor when he wasn’t painting houses or hanging drywall.  Although he wrote for most of his life, his work […]

Fire Warriors

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Firefighters–Do We Have the Right to Call Ourselves Warriors?   In the elite world of Military Special Ops, anger and frustration has been expressed at society’s casual entitlement to the word warrior.  It seems everyone from businessmen to vegan yogis are embracing the term.  Loren Schofield, a 16-year veteran of Special Forces, writes in Big […]


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“What a profound thing it is to call for help.  How astounding, the number of people fate allows to float through this life never once confronting their own mortality.  One of the benefits of the fire and rescue business, if you will have it, is a near-constant sense of vulnerability.  A recognition that at the […]