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HEED Bottles and Boot Knives

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My friend and I had lunch the other day in Key Largo.  She’s a devoted wife and mother of two little boys and lives in Miami, a city crisscrossed by canals and dotted with small man-made lakes.  As I walked to her car and watched her get in, I noticed that she carried a center […]

Old School Survival

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I’m reading Dirty Work by one of my favorite writers, Larry Brown, a Captain from Oxford FD.  In this excerpt, a boy has been beat up by a bully.  When the boy returns home and his mother sees what’s happened she shows him no pity and instead gives him a piece of her mind.  This […]

The Academy

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My recruit class was an experiment.  Miami Dade Fire Rescue needed firefighters and in an attempt to put two classes through simultaneously, sent my class, 99, to a neighboring county’s academy.  Let’s just call it BFE.  (This was ten years ago and instructors & attitudes may have changed).  BFE wasn’t a big fan of ours […]